Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love & Marriage....and other fine things!

What's new with the Nellis'...let's see what's not new right? School is out for the summer...the girls are excited it's summer for sure. I'm enjoying the break of having something to do every night as well!!! Madison is no longer going to Pre-Schoo/Daycare. They upped the prices, we just couldn't afford it, so we thought we'd give her a summer too. Rita, Chris' mom is watching her for us during the day. She's getting so big and is so smart. Yesterday she asked me "What's 2 and 1?" I said I don't know what is it? She said "Three!...I'm smarter than you" LOL She's ate up. All three girls graduated -- Maddie from Pre-School, Emily from 5th grade, and Christina from 8th yes..that means next year Christina will be a freshman, Emily will be in Middle School...and Madison will be in Kindergarten! Can't believe how fast time goes by sometimes. I don't have any pictures though, cuz I was videotaping them. :(

On May 2, Chris and I got married. I LOVE the married life. He is a good man and a good husband, and we are just enjoying being together as a family. It's really great, and I'm so happy! He didn't even freak out the day of the wedding. He said he wasn't nervous, he was excited and very happy about being married...If you know Chris that just might be a miracle...I figured he'd be just completely nervous and freaked out! He sang to me after we lit the unity candles...He sang a song calld "Grace of My Life" by Brian Littrell. It was beautiful, and he broke down and cried through most of it..however even when he was crying he managed to hold it together and get the notes out. It was the sweetest, most real, tender moment I think I've had. I saw his heart...the pure love and appreciation he has for me when he sang that song. It was a moment and feeling I'll never forget! The reception was great, short and sweet, but still amazing all the same. Everything was beautiful. I'm posting some pics now...Enjoy!

He sees me for the 1st time:

Here is he singing to me:

After Ceremony Pictures:


Wedding Party:
April -- Maid of Honor (sister)

Mandy -- Bridesmaid (best friend)

Christina -- Bridesmaid (step-daughter)

Emily -- Jr. Bridesmaid (step-daughter)

Madison -- Flower Girl (step-daughter)

Chris and his groomsmen:
Best Man -- Bob Hollander (brother-in-law)
Groomsmen -- Frankie Nellis (brother), Todd Roth (friend)
Ushers -- Walt Hatfield (brother-in-law), Keith Yordy (Crystal's brother)

Pastor Jeff Stratton:

I'll post more later...that was A LOT!!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Year

So Christmas, New Years, and My birthday have all come and gone! Christmas was great, and my mom and sister were home from Dec. 27th thru Jan.3 (Ape was here until like the 7th). Anyhow..I was on vacation while they were here, and we got some Wedding shopping/planning done. It was awesome to have Mom here. She doesn't get to come home very often. The girls had a really great Christmas, and of course my mom and sister spoiled them good. April bought us (as a family) the Nintendo Wii. Needless to say, we were so excited. The girls got what they asked for, and I'll post some pictures and videos on here after this short post. Another thing we did in December is we got a family membership @ the YMCA here. I might have said that before, can't remember. Chris signed up for Judo classes, and me and the girls go to the Y and just workout. Emily goes into the Kids/Teenager room where they have workout machines for younger kids, computers, air hockey table, and a Nintendo Wii (she particularly loves the Dance Dance Revolution). So we're working on being a more healthy active family. I personally love the fact that we do it as a family. I've just started taking ZUMBA classes. It's like latin inspired dnace aerobics. Get those Hips a'moving!!! I love it. Here are some pictures to share w/you:

This is April back when she was here in October -- we got her a cake for her birthday

Rita w/her present from us. It matches her kitchen perfectly, and all of the words fit her to a "T":

Frank L-O-V-E-D his chocolate:

Emily & Maddie loved their Puppy In My Pockets:

Christina and her "Sock Ornaments" she got from Frank & Rita:(I got vidoes of all of her other presents, clothes and her MP3 Player)

Chris' present from me...he looks sexier in a Colts Sweatshirt LOL:

My present from Chris: I LOVE it!

Miles' present from my mom:

I will put up some more pictures and videos later...back to work I go!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas...I have lots to update and pictures to post...but for right now this will have to do. I saw it on Dawn's blog and had to steal the idea...I crack up when i watch it. :) Enjoy!!!

Ok so the video no longer works...Hope you got to see it, it was funny!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm pretty much Horrible @ Blogging

This is just ad admission blog -- "I AM HORRIBLE AT KEEPING A CONSISTENT UP TO DATE BLOG!!" -- I'm trying to all my 3 readers here come some updates! :)

OK I started this blog on Nov. 9th...and it's now Nov. 26th...I'm really awesome at this here Blog stuff right? So is a quick, short update...
Wedding plans are coming along, but the fact that it's almost 5 months to the day is making me a little nervous.

I started going to the gym on Oct. 23...and I've lost 8 lbs...which I know 8lbs isn't alot...BUT it is I'm happy that I lost that in a month! So YAY for me!! I'm excited...Plus I feel better after I've been working out, I have more energy, I'm less's all around nice! So I figure if I keep up the 8 lbs or so per month, I'll lose about 40 lbs in 6 months...that would be really awesome! So keep pushing me if you remember :) It's not just my appearance, but my life, my health so it's all around good for me!!!

Chris is doing OK, he's working pretty hard, and has been working out of town (in St. Louis) for the last month. He's gone all week, comes home late on Friday, and then leaves again on Sunday. That's been tough for me and the girls. We try to make the most of the weekends when he's home, but still it's not the same as having him here. Plus it's so much easier to have a helper around...I feel for the Single Mom's out there...or Dad's for that matter. It's rough doing it on your own sometimes...

The girls are good, Christina is doing OK in school, Emily is doing well, and Madison is doing alot better w/Daycare (we call it school for her too). She's writing now and you should see her write her name. It's almost perfect. She writes Maddie...because that's what I wrote one time when she told me to write her name. she even told her Daddy how to write her name "First you make a M...then after that you make a A...etc..." Cute! Everyone is getting excited for Christmas of course. I'm going to venture out on Black Friday because well I might be insane..but you know...I can't help it! :) There are good deals, and I'm hoping to get most of my Christmas shopping done in one day...OK that MIGHT be insane!

OK well there's my update..have a BLESSED THANKSGIVING...