Monday, August 18, 2008

Pink + Green = Spring

So I've decided on my wedding colors with the help of some pictures that I found on the net. I was looking for inspiration and nothing was screaming out at me. Because of these pictures I'm pretty positive these are the colors that I want: Pink & Green. OK now stop making that face, I'm not talking pastel pink and pastel green. Bright Pink and Brighter green. Here are my pictures of inspiration...tell me what you think:
I really like this invitation. I'm hoping to be able to make something similar myself...I'm doing a lot of DIY things:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! This was one of my deciding factors. This is so pretty, looks fairly simple, and is very springy:

I also like this...I think I like the Limes better but either way:

These are just my inspiration for colors and some possible decorating ideas. Just thought I'd share...I'm giong to try to post some later and put some updated pictures on here...the key word here is TRY!!!

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Dawn Hudson said...

Very cute and fresh looking. I like it!!